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Center for Auto Immune Diseases and Neuro Disorders

The perfect Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

Ayurveda, the science of life speaks every element and facet of human life. It offers guidance that has been tested and refined by experts over many centuries to all those who seek greater harmony, peace and longevity.

Perfect Body

Physical Well-being involves on one side maintaining a good health and on another side to treat the occurred disease

Perfect Mind

Emotional and psychological well-being to a person is equally important as physical health

Perfect Spirit

Spiritual health is important to for our total well being and an integral part of holistic health philosophy


Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine which has originated 5000 years ago. Ayur means “life” and Veda means “science or knowledge”, science of life is called Ayurveda.

“Swastasya swastya rakshanam aturasya vikara prasamanam” is the motto of Ayurveda, which aims to maintain a healthy life by following various regimens mentioned in Ayurveda like Ritucharya (Seasonal regimens), Dinacharya (Daily regimens) etc. and also by treating the diseased through Samana chikitsa (pacification treatments) and Sodhana chikitsa (Detoxification therapies).

Panchakarma treatments which are widely spread in the world in the name of Ayurveda is coming under Sodhana chikitsa which mainly helps to detox the body to maintain the health and also it helps to treat the diseased.

Vajra Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat provides a perfect ambiance to experience all kinds of Ayurveda treatments to its fullest with the assistance of experts in the field of Ayurveda.

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WHY CHOOSE Vajra Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

To become the leading name in Ayurveda within India and across the world by being the best proponents of Ayurvedic formulations and practices.

We seek to provide the best ayurvedic advice and treatment to one & all seeking medical solutions within Ayurveda while being true to this age-old tradition.

Core Values

Ayurveda being an offshoot of wisdom traditions of ancient India, makes us committed to fostering values of integrity, responsibility, and service with humility.

We are guided by the axioms in sacred Hindu texts, which spells out the need to remain mindful of the well-being of all fellow humans.


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Very well maintained retreat surrounded by trees, with welcoming, generous and helpful staff. Stayed in a delux double room for 2 nights, and it was modern, spacious and clean, with a comfortable bed. Knowledgeable Dr on site for ayurvedic …
Dan Pror
This location is incredible. It’s remote, traditional, authentic, hospitable and intriguing. We loved the room, the staff and the options available. The food feels like it’s made with love. We swam in the pool and did yoga in the morning.
Jessica Thomas
Beautiful location. Lovely staff. Very caring and eager to please. Fantastic pool. Supportive medical and massage therapy staff. Excellent yoga instruction. Property surrounded by native forest with abundant wildlife seen from the grounds
Anabel Blake